Yoga Nidra for Women: Body, Food & Self

Dates and Times:

To Be Announced

Class Fee:

$225 for 6-week session
** Price includes an individual session to be scheduled towards the end of the series.


For registration or more information, please contact Corinne at 773.562.5933 or contact via the form on our website.


708 Church Street, Room 248, Evanston

This series is for women who would like to more deeply explore their relationship with their body and eating (cravings, overeating, etc). It is particularly for women who have been involved in self-exploration through therapy, movement, mindfulness, and/or other supports, and would like a practice to support this journey. It is NOT a weight loss group. The class includes a six-week group class with recorded yoga nidra practices for home use, and one private session to develop a personalized practice recording, unique to her own individual needs and preferences.

In this series we practice Integrative Restoration (iRest) Yoga Nidra, a form of guided mindfulness meditation. It is a systematic process for leading the body and mind into receptive states of relaxation and deep presence. Through this process we are able to access inner healing and the pure awareness of being. Yoga nidra is a powerful tool to for self-inquiry, and a way to develop deep compassion with ourselves. It is a process we can use to explore our life experiences and enter into an intimate connection with our Inner Self.

Please join us for this unique exploration!