Yoga for Emotional Well-Being
A Yoga Therapy Series

Our emotions can often be seen as weather patterns passing through. Sometimes there is sunshine, and other times storms swoop in. Sometimes we just have a cloudy day.

Having emotions is part of our human experience. We generally prefer the positive, comfortable emotions to stay, and often push away those emotions viewed as negative. Yet all are part of the complexity of our human experience.

Yoga offers many tools to help bring calm in times of stress, energy when we feel down, and self-compassion in all circumstances. Through yoga, we can connect with our inner core of well-being that is always present, whether in the midst of thunderstorms or basking in the sun.

In this series we will explore movement, breathing, meditation, chanting and yoga philosophy to support emotional well-being. Off-the-mat “micropractices” will be included for the more challenging times amidst daily life. No make-ups, no drop-ins.

About the Instructor:

Corinne Peterson, a massage and yoga therapist, has years of experience working in groups and with individuals on creating practices for emotional well-being.

Dates and Times:

To Be Announced

Class Fee:

$225, Members save 15%!
Partial scholarships available. Email info@gratefulyoga to learn more.


Register online at or call Grateful Yoga at: 847-849-1810

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Grateful Yoga, 1108 Davis St, Evanston